Working Together to Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aligning our corporate social responsibility mission with our business goals is not only crucial to maintain our success today and sustaining it for the future, but also paramount to helping communities and the environment thrive. NovoCom realizes the imminent need for data scientists and connectivity specialists for the nation to fully harness IT empowerment and has hence taken up CSR initiatives driven by community and environmental sustainability.

Raising Access and Awareness in Our Community

The launching of IIG-players and 3G services is expected to exponentially increase internet connectivity to the country’s corporate houses, SMEs, academicians, institutions/schools, and individuals to give the benefit of Bangladesh’s connectivity to the internet backbone.Businesses should embrace connectivity, cooperation, and cohesion to effectively empower their own market leadership and the nation as a whole. We believe in the development of an online arena of constructive and collaborative platforms with the potential to facilitate more data-oriented services. These initiatives will shape and lead our industry and offer even more remote access to information for businesses, academics, development workers, and people of all walks of life. NovoCom’s key focus on community development is centered on the following Education and Human Development programs:

  • Technology Based Training
  • Corporate training
  • In-house training
  • Participation in seminars and technology events
  • Promoting college and university programs and workshops
  • Encourage active participation in professional and development societies

Green IT measures

NovoCom is very conscious to take into account the resources that are necessary to support the growing information super highways in Bangladesh. We are cautious to consider the environmental impact our data centers and metro-IT infrastructures has on our ecosystem; and have been haste to implement preventive greenIT measures to mitigate our carbon footprint. We have hence designed and adopted environmentally responsible handling practices and technological measures to reduce energy consumption in the following ways:

Data Center Initiatives

Organization Wide Initiatives

Server consolidation
Intelligent electrical distribution
Efficient cooling distribution
Airflow optimization
Sealing of cable callouts
Inserting blanking plates and clearing under floor obstructions
Rewiring under floor
Placing perforated tiles in cold aisles
Retrofitting and Installing variable fan speeds

Recycling of hardware
Managing E-waste
Implementing a Green procurement policy
Implementing flexible telecommuting
Reorganizing the work force based on the length of physical presence at work



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