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Global Ethernet

Ethernet is becoming more and more important as an access technology, because of its reliability, cost-speed ratio and possibilities to upgrade. Businesses are increasingly embracing Global Ethernet services because of the enormous benefits and cost efficiency it brings. Global Ethernet is the best option for convergence layer technology to deliver unified communications.

NovoCom offers terminal multiplexing services to build a point-to-point SDH transmission network. We can also provide a compact, cost effective and flexible solution to deliver multiple Ethernet channels. At the core, the SDH-based infrastructure provides an efficient long range transport vehicle for Ethernet traffic.



Service Benefits

  • Simplify Network Management –Designed and tailored to customer’s unique network performance requirements such as rapid need for high capacity adoption across any Ethernet delivery service platforms
  • Increase Performance –More Efficient bandwidth usage in comparison with pure SHD network, send 7500-25000 calls over one STM channel using Codec, guaranteed traffic performance, security and control over service parameters
  • Control Costs – Reduced technology adoption and network costs; Standardized equipment and easy-migration to IP-optimized networks to extends your end-to-end Ethernet LAN interconnectivity
  • Pay-As-You-Grow – (on-demand, start with single channel of 64kbit/s, fractional upgrades, instantaneously. No binding capacity period commitment for incremental upgrades)
  • Integrated BCDR –Wholesale Ethernet for wireless backhaul with extensive metro and access footprints to manage mobile data traffic

Technology Options:

  • Ethernet

Connectivity Options

  • E-Line: Point-to-point
  • E-Tree: Point-to-multipoint
  • E-LAN: Multipoint-to-multipoint

Bundled Services

  • Global Ethernet with IP Services
  • Global Ethernet with Colocation Facility and Managed Services
  • Global Ethernet with TDM-IP Conversion

Service Features

  • Point to Point configuration
  • Half or Full Circuit availability
  • Protected and Unprotected service
  • Bandwidth: 64 Kbit/s – 1000 Mbit/s
  • Fast-E and Gig-E interfaces

SLA includes

  • Availability
  • Packet Delivery
  • CIR assurance
  • 99.999% Uptime with almost Zero Packet Loss
  • In-service bandwidth upgrade without service interruption




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